Siltumsūkņu piegādē visā Latvijā

Heat pumps

HeatPumps specializes in cutting-edge heat pump solutions designed for both residential and commercial use. Our expertise lies in providing, installing, and maintaining top-quality pumps sourced from leading manufacturers in Germany, Japan, and China. With every unit, we offer an extensive warranty spanning from 2 to 5 years, ensuring lasting peace of mind for our valued customers.

Three Steps: How to Calculate Which Heat Pump You Need?

*Calculated power is preliminary. It all depends on the size, layout and insulation of the room. It is necessary to take into account the height of the ceiling - if it is much higher than the standard, then the volume of the heated area will be much larger. The larger the window, the lower the thermal resistance, which means you need a more powerful heat pump. When choosing an air-to-water pump, about 2 kW of hot water must be added. Residents of Latvia should take into account the peculiarities of the climate and we advise you not to choose a heat pump that is too weak. For economy and efficiency, it is better when the heat pump is running at maximum power.**Energy efficiency class is an indicator that evaluates how efficiently your building consumes heat and electricity during operation.

Heat pump – the best choice


Approximately 50 hours a year! Without
ordering and adding pellets.


Possibility of heating through
application from anywhere in the world.

Environmental friendliness

Does not pollute the environment
environment with smoke and fumes.


In the process of receiving
energy, no combustion reactions.

20-30 years without repair

This is the service life of the pump, and
our 7 year warranty.

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