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HeatPumps – a specialized heat pump company for residential houses and commercial premises. We supply, install and service heat pumps from Germany, Japan and China. We provide a 5-7 year warranty for all equipment.

Heat pumps – the most efficient and advanced type of heating. We help our customers choose the most economical and sustainable solutions from all available on the market.

We are ready to offer the latest technology in the field of heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) equipment, so that your home is always warm and cozy. We cooperate with reliable and proven manufacturers, so our customers receive a guarantee of quality and safety.

Many years of experience allow us to solve any tasks related to home heating. We will find heat pumps for residential and production premises in the size of a few square meters or multi-storey buildings.

Only a professional approach to the selection of heating equipment can ensure the energy efficiency, economy and sustainability of the system. We will find the most appropriate solution for each client, taking into account needs and budget.

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