What are the types of heat pumps and how to choose the best one?

All heat pumps can be divided according to heat sources: geothermal sources use the heat of the earth, air-to-water pumps take heat energy from the surrounding air, exhaust air heat pumps use the heat from the exhaust air during ventilation.

Different types of systems will suit different conditions and requests. For example, if the highest possible efficiency is required, then a geothermal heat pump is more suitable. Cooling with it is completely free, no external unit is required, but a vertical well or horizontal pipeline in the ground is needed, which increases the cost of installation.

When choosing a heat pump, you need to proceed from the request: what functions the system should perform, what operating temperature and energy efficiency class are needed. For advice, you should contact professionals who will take into account all the details.

Heat pumps work best and most efficiently in energy efficient buildings: airtight and well insulated.

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