New Level: SPRSUN Conquers the German Market with BAFA Certificate

The company SPRSUN continues its path to global recognition by obtaining the BAFA certificate for its new model of heat pump SPRSUN R290 GreenergyPro Series (with CAREL management system). This certificate opens doors for SPRSUN to the German market and confirms the outstanding quality of the products, compliance with strict energy efficiency and environmental safety standards set by the German government.

What does BAFA mean?

BAFA certification is the key to successful product implementation in Germany. This certificate confirms that SPRSUN R290 heat pumps meet the high standards of quality and energy efficiency set by the German government. Obtaining this certificate reflects SPRSUN’s commitment to innovation and providing reliable products that meet the increased demands of customers.

Benefits for Consumers:

Customers choosing SPRSUN R290 heat pumps with BAFA certification not only get a product of outstanding quality but also have the opportunity to receive government subsidies and financial support in the form of loans. This makes using SPRSUN products more accessible and economically beneficial for end consumers.

Dual Standard: KEYMARK and BAFA:

The BAFA certificate is not the first success for SPRSUN in the field of certification. In 2022, the company received the KEYMARK certificate, confirming high standards of quality and compliance with the requirements of the European Union’s Ecodesign Directive. These two certificates are a powerful testimony to the uniqueness and competitiveness of SPRSUN’s products.


November 8, 2022 – SPRSUN Outdoor Air to Water heat pump series was awarded the KEYMARK certificate, making SPRSUN one of the few heat pump manufacturers in China to hold this prestigious certificate.

As a leading manufacturer of heat pumps, combining research and development, design, manufacturing, and marketing, SPRSUN continues to deliver high-quality heat pumps to consumers, distinguished by individuality, energy efficiency, and time-saving. They continuously innovate to meet the diverse needs of their clients worldwide.

SPRSUN products comply with EN14511 standards and have received CCC, CE, ISO, SAA, RoHS, and ERP A+++ energy class certifications. Unlike the European standard SCOP 4.48, SPRSUN products boast a minimum SCOP of 4.65 and a maximum of 4.85, far surpassing the European standard. However, the real inspiration came with the receipt of the KEYMARK certificate in November this year.

KEYMARK certification is an independent, voluntary, third-party certification based on the quality requirements of the European Union’s Ecodesign Directive. Obtaining this certificate confirms the product’s compliance with the Ecodesign Directive’s requirements and production control at the factory.

KEYMARK helps reduce trade barriers, as one test is recognized by all European countries, saving time and money on retesting or local certification. With KEYMARK, it is much easier for a company to enter the European market, increase sales exposure, enhance trust and profit, improve company image, and product competitiveness.

KEYMARK certification not only helps consumers choose products with certified quality but also strengthens their confidence in the company and products. In addition, purchasers of heat pumps with KEYMARK certification are entitled to all national subsidies in EU member countries, in some of which this can amount to up to 70% of the product price.

SPRSUN R32 EVI DC Inverter heat pumps, available in 9.5 kW, 11 kW, 12 kW, 15 kW, 19 kW, 20 kW, and 22 kW models, received KEYMARK approval.

They possess the following unique characteristics:

  • high efficiency,
  • EVI control technology,
  • remote control via Wi-Fi app,
  • smart defrosting,
  • low-temperature and low-frequency control technology,
  • low noise level,
  • cascade.

KEYMARK has become a symbol of the company’s competitiveness, bringing tangible benefits to both the company and its customers. KEYMARK certification is an outstanding milestone and one of the greatest moments in SPRSUN’s history!

Tomorrow with SPRSUN:

SPRSUN continues its path of innovation, providing reliable and energy-efficient heat pumps for its partners. Obtaining the BAFA certificate is not just a step forward for the company but also an opportunity for customers to access cutting-edge technology and government support. Reliable, environmentally friendly, and certified – SPRSUN products continue to set standards in the world of heat pumps.

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